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The most challenging environment to blog in?

Well, I’m not sure my environment today counts as the most challenging, but it has been trying!

I’m currently returning from holiday on an EasyJet flight and I’m surrounded by young kids, including in the seat right next to me and 3 hours in and the kids have reached the ‘are we there yet?’ stage.

When I land, I’m heading home to shower, change bags, pickup up some work stuff and heading straight back to the airport to head to Berlin to co-facilitate a workshop.

So now is the only time to write on a noisy plane, at 35,000 feet and on my iPhone.

Ok, so typing hanging one handed from a cliff in a gale might be harder.

The point is if you set your mind to it you can work in distracting places and if you use your time wisely you can always get stuff done.