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Sometimes it has to be uncomfortable

Sometimes as humans we need to discuss awkward and uncomfortable things.

We can choose to head to Netflix or pretend they are not there, but that is ducking out of our responsibility to our fellow humans and is letting ourselves down too.

We all form the world that we live in and that means that each and every one of us needs to be part of the dialogue.

There is a great Facebook Live with Brene Brown, whose work I am a great fan of, and she is discussing the very touchy subject of race and it is well worth a 20-minute watch – click here. This clearly demonstrates the point and she puts it with greater depth and eloquence.

We need to discuss, not hate or criticise, difficult topics, as that is the only way to move forward as a human race. We’ve tried the authoritarian and hate approach and it has been a miserable failure so far.

Next time there is a challenging and uncomfortable thing to discuss, we need to step up and get involved, why wouldn’t you?


Staying on the bus

‘Staying on the bus’ by Philip Dodson

Staying on the bus.

Staying silent.

Looking away.

Closing our eyes.

Not speaking up.

Doing nothing.

Not wanting to cause a fuss.

These are our choices to things that challenge our moral sense of right or wrong, that challenge our worldview, our values, our sense of what is decent human behaviour.

Staying on the bus is easier but it has consequences and we will all have to be responsible and live with them often some way in the future when perhaps we regret our choices.

But there is an option, jump off the bus, speak out, listen and understand the other view and then do something inspiring to influence change.

Leaders do not look away or stay on the bus.