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An overload of ‘shock and awe’ news over the last few decades have anaesthetised the population to almost anything.

There is selective fake hysterical shock whipped up by the media to cause division and distraction about certain things such as benefit cheating, ‘terror’ and celebrity news. Essentially the creation of people or things to hate and vilify.

Now the ‘machine’ has succeeded in controlling the masses in an Orwellian way that previous despots and dictators could have only dreamed off in their warped heads. The 20th-century villains we amateurs in comparison.

The level of questioning and curiosity with the narrative presented to us is almost zero, the blind acceptance is at best staggering. People have become fearful of different, fearful of questioning and with an education system programmed for compliance, removal of creativity and the enforcement of the myths that control us, the chance of this changing is diminished further. Maybe many are fearful of a different voice, fearful of listening, as they may have to challenge what they believe, maybe they will not fit in anymore. Better perhaps to fit in than to look through a different set of glasses.

The excuses of ‘what can I do?’ used to allow ourselves off the hook has always been there, but I do believe that it is now deeper than mild indifference, or feeling of inability to change the situation, it is now that most are cold and unaffected, programmed to accept. A blind faith that the one voice is right and any variance is treason, dangerous and must be silenced.

Not that they are bad humans or maliciously uncaring, it is that the overwhelm, the manipulation, the conditioning and myths that we follow have created a canvas for the ruling elite to get away with almost anything.

All I would say is remain curious, follow your instincts, have the courage to voice what you believe and be prepared to be open to all views and opinions. You may stay with the same views and that is OK, in fact, none of my business as this is all opinion. But worth exploring at very least that there could be an alternative to what we are told.

The anaesthetic wears off eventually and the more you question, the quicker it goes. The better informed we become when we take into account all voices, even if you do not like some of them.

On all sides of the debate, it is better not be anaesthetised with only your worldview.

The myth makers got better


Homo Sapiens were not originally the only human species, but they became the only humans because of one thing, they had a cognitive revolution that enabled them to imagine things that were not real.

Neanderthals, for example, could only comprehend real objects like a tree, a flower, animals etc. Whereas their more successful counterparts and opponents, the Homo Sapiens, could start to create myths.

Initially, probably only simple myths, but these myths enabled them to create a united group of maybe a 1,000 strong to hunt or attack other humans, but the Neanderthals could only get their very closest group of maybe 30-40 to fight or hunt.

Fast forward 50,000 years or so and today’s mythmakers have got very adept at creating very sophisticated and controlling myths.

For example, a limited company is a myth, it is not a real thing, a law is a myth, a regulation or rules of a club and so on.

Stop and think how many myths or rules we have to abide by or know about as a human. Many are of course for our collective good and safety, such as rules about driving, without them, there would be carnage.

But myths are subjective and based on opinions or yet more myths.

The worry is when the people being controlled by these myths become unaware of the myths or do not even question whether they are necessary or the motive behind them.

Question the myths that you are controlled by, as the myth-makers of the 21st century are scarily good at creating them.