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We are told that there is a direct link between effort and outcomes.

Generally, we believe that more effort equals a better result.

This is only true if what we are putting effort into has a meaningful purpose for us.

We sometimes can put a lot of effort into something because we think that we are doing the right thing, often without much thought and out of habit. Or someone else dictates that we need to make more of an effort with something, often something that is important to them and not us.

Being obliged to make an effort works in the short-term, however, beyond that, there is always resistance, resentment and worsening outcomes.

Perhaps better to focus on what is the right thing for us and then put the dedication in.

The closer we get to do the things we love, then it is rarely an effort, more of a passion that you can not be taken away from easily. We then hardly notice time and we are engrossed in something that is ‘labour of love’.


Hitting publish

Billions now have the power to hit publish. The internet is bulging at the seams with content.

Does that mean we should?

Will what we say have an impact?

Would we be missed if we didn’t publish?

What responsibility do we have to make the post something of value?

Given there are over 250 million blog sites, what difference will ours make?

How big does the impact have to be?

For me, if it makes a difference to one person, then it is worth it. However, often we do not manage our expectations and we think everything needs to be big and that will lead to disappointment.

That does not mean we can not publish and do even better next time.

Before hitting publish though, we need to ask some questions, as just being able to do something does not mean you should. It needs a purpose. Even if that purpose is to help ourselves get better or to make a difference to a small group of followers.