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We know

We nearly always know the right choices in life for ourselves.

Making them takes bravery, often to be different.

It takes real courage to go against the flow, to stand out, to be true to our values.

Sticking with them takes more and being willing to set the boundaries of what is or isn’t acceptable to us is another brave step in the process of what is right for us.

There’s not a right or wrong answer over our decisions, it’s personal.

Bravery is a hard to master. But entirely worth it in the pursuit of a meaningful life.

Like most things though, it’s a choice and done often enough, it forms a habit, builds momentum and becomes easier.

Bravery allows us to do what we know is right.

It allows inner peace.

Hiding places

We seek hiding places, frightened of being found.

We’ll do many things in life to avoid being in the limelight, to avoid the chance of success.

We are often more scared of success than failure, because success may mean being thrust forward from our comfort zone into the unknown.

Hiding can involve elaborate actions in order to avoid the more simple act of showing up and doing what we are best at.

Step out of the shadows, take that small step towards being found, it is easier than the complications and regret of staying hidden.