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Success, nah.

Don’t ever accept just ‘good enough’. It’s not about perfection either.

We often do as a protection against the fear of either success or failure. Most often we fear success as we are fearful of the changes that can bring to our lives.

But just ‘good enough’ is letting ourselves down and we have a responsibility to us to do the best that we can.

It is not about doing better than others or striving to achieve other people’s view of what success is.

It is about doing our best and achieving what success looks like to us.


What to write?

Just start typing, something will come up, the longer you think, the more you will talk yourself out of something.

The title will often come from what you start to type and the great news is, whatever you type, you can go back and edit. Better to type something than have a blank screen and not publish.

We always have something to say, it could be about the weather, especially if you are from the UK, it could be about politics, dangerous, or religion, even more dangerous. There are literally millions of things to write about, the challenge is to stop your inner voice from saying things like ‘what do you know about that?’ or ‘no one will read that’ or whatever else that voice will say to you to stop you from doing it.

The thing is, there is always a thing worth saying, sharing, publishing.

I had the challenge today of what to write, so I just started typing.