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It’s just an opinion

‘Mud on the wipers’ by Philip Dodson

We all have our worldviews, our opinions, our thoughts and our beliefs.

They are just that, ours.

Be open to others and their views and opinions and I would never want to live in a world where there is only one accepted voice. Debate and exchange of views in a positive forum can only be beneficial, we need to understand before we can hope to influence others.

However, do not lose faith in your opinions, do not be fearful of voicing your views and your beliefs, doesn’t mean you can not modify them. Stick to yours, be proud of them, be passionate about them and stay true to your values. Often, we allow the strong opinions of the critic to dominate us, to seed doubt, simply because of their behaviour or dominance.

After all other people’s views are just that, opinions, not right, not wrong, just an opinion.

Blindness and a spectrum of colour

Wonderfully, thanks to medical advances, the number of people whose sight is completely blind is declining.

Sadly, due to human regression, the number of people ‘blind’ to others, their views and situation is increasing.

To see others we must first learn to understand, listen without evaluation and empathise.

No matter how opposite our worldviews are with another person, we can only influence, if that is what we seek, by understanding their world, their experiences, their environment that has shaped their views.

After all, there is no black and white, right or wrong, just a giant spectrum of different coloured worldviews.