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Don’t be bullied out of your opinions, your not a conspiracist

We seem to live now in a world where there is one acceptable opinion or view of something, often dictated by the media or the establishment.

It takes bravery to have a different view as you are often labelled a conspiracist or a threat or just plain weird.

But we need different opinions, whatever they are, as just accepting everything and only having one voice heard seems weird, conspiratorial and dangerous.

If you have a different view, don’t be bullied out of it.

We know

We nearly always know the right choices in life for ourselves.

Making them takes bravery, often to be different.

It takes real courage to go against the flow, to stand out, to be true to our values.

Sticking with them takes more and being willing to set the boundaries of what is or isn’t acceptable to us is another brave step in the process of what is right for us.

There’s not a right or wrong answer over our decisions, it’s personal.

Bravery is a hard to master. But entirely worth it in the pursuit of a meaningful life.

Like most things though, it’s a choice and done often enough, it forms a habit, builds momentum and becomes easier.

Bravery allows us to do what we know is right.

It allows inner peace.