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Don’t be bullied out of your opinions, your not a conspiracist

We seem to live now in a world where there is one acceptable opinion or view of something, often dictated by the media or the establishment.

It takes bravery to have a different view as you are often labelled a conspiracist or a threat or just plain weird.

But we need different opinions, whatever they are, as just accepting everything and only having one voice heard seems weird, conspiratorial and dangerous.

If you have a different view, don’t be bullied out of it.

If you don’t say something 

If hear or see someone is being unkind to, sexist to, racist to, rude to or bullying another person and we don’t say something, then we are saying it’s OK. 

Peer pressure is better than any law. There can’t always be a policewoman to enforce the law. 

We are all society and if you don’t like something then it’s up to us all to speak up. 

It’s amazing how the unkind person stops when we don’t stay silent. More often they are cowards looking for approval and permission to continue. 

Don’t give them that. 

It’s hard in cases where we might the minority, but we could one day be on the receiving end and we’d be glad of someone speaking up. 

Be the leader you want to see, speak out.