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Staying on the bus

‘Staying on the bus’ by Philip Dodson

Staying on the bus.

Staying silent.

Looking away.

Closing our eyes.

Not speaking up.

Doing nothing.

Not wanting to cause a fuss.

These are our choices to things that challenge our moral sense of right or wrong, that challenge our worldview, our values, our sense of what is decent human behaviour.

Staying on the bus is easier but it has consequences and we will all have to be responsible and live with them often some way in the future when perhaps we regret our choices.

But there is an option, jump off the bus, speak out, listen and understand the other view and then do something inspiring to influence change.

Leaders do not look away or stay on the bus.


Writing our thoughts and changing the story


When we feel emotions or hurt, our initial response is to create a story that protects us. It’s built into our genes, the chimp brain goes into protection mode.

We don’t yet have all the data and therefore we fill in the gaps and make up a story that we then believe is the truth. The story is based on protecting ourselves without having the full picture.

This often leads to the wrong conclusions, which we act upon and this can then lead to hurt and pain for others based on our actions.

A better and more challenging thing to do is to write about these stories on a daily basis, this way we get out all the emotion and we are then able to analyse the story and perhaps realise we do not have all the facts or data to come to the conclusions we did.

A daily writing journal has so many other benefits, but the biggest one is that we get a chance to re-write our stories and get to the real truths. If you need a place to write then check out 750Words.com

Thanks to Brene Brown and her continued brilliant work on worthiness, vulnerability, and wholeheartedness. We can learn how to lean into our emotions, own them, become curious about them and write a different ending.