My coworking space is just next to Euston Station in London and the HS2 project is about to start. The project is to cut journey times to Birmingham and Manchester by train.

Has anyone stopped to question, like say bigger, is faster any better?

Why is faster better? Says who?

But before committing £Billions, perhaps it’s a question often overlooked by the stakeholders who stand to financially gain.

Is a faster journey enough of a benefit, even if it’s agreed that faster is better.

Funny what we are told to convince us that this better than say better healthcare.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Well, that’s OK if we want to maintain the status quo and stay safe.

The world is full of safe businesses, safe rules, safe strategies, safe, safe, safe, safe.

Sure, it’s risky to try to improve.

But sooner or later safe things become dull and unwanted. Then a risk taker brings something new, exciting, different, and better.

We are no longer safe, we’ve been bypassed by someone who dared to ‘fix’ it.

Safe is risky.

It’s not about fixing, it’s about creating a better version and taking an uncertain path.