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Hi I’m Philip Dodson entrepreneur co-founder of @Work Hubs and founder of Dodson Commercial I am passionate about revolutionising how & where we work, enabling individuals and business to connect, network and grow. Self-employment within the next 7-10 years will become the norm in the developed world, alongside this will be a co-working revolution. The future is all about sharing, collaborating and helping others to succeed. Find out more – @WorkHubs

Think and do the opposite

Want to sleep and can’t? The harder we try to will ourselves to sleep the harder it becomes.

Just do the and think the opposite, will yourself to stay awake, try to stay awake.

You will fall asleep.

It’s a way of relaxing and not pressuring about the outcome.

The harder we try to create an outcome it brings a negative resistance.

Let go, think and do the opposite, whatever that is, it releases all the tension and then the outcome is not the focus.