Play the long game




Be genuine.

Give without expectation.

Be kind.

Be yourself.

Stick to your values.

Don’t get easily swayed to give up.

Have faith.

Have belief.

It will come, it will grow, good things happen to those who wait.

Play the long game, we’re on a journey and it’s amazing if you invest for the long term.


If we feel that something is missing from our lives, its unlikely we’ll find the answer in a machine full of marketing promises of a shower of money. 

Yet people queued in their hundreds for a chance to win something. 

If you’re alive you have everything you need and appreciate what you have, not what you don’t. 

We have all the opportunities we will ever need right in front of us. 

It’s a choice whether we look for them and work to realise them. 

Money solves nothing. 

Shortcuts are sold to us with the fake promise of a certain ‘x’. 

Commitment to our dreams leaves our destiny firmly in our control and with it comes a fulfilling purpose to our life.

Each of us has already won the jackpot. It’s today, now, our life. 

Enjoy it.