Thinking differently


Thinking differently and doing differently takes courage, it means taking off our vulnerability shields, it means stepping into the ring and facing our critics. It means being prepared to put our head up above the crowd and risk ridicule.

We are programmed by a fear based and shaming society to do what is expected, to not challenge and that has created an almost ubiquitously sterile population, who are mainly repressed and frustrated.

It is time to encourage people to be brave, to throw off those shields and show the real person, show their real talents, say what they really believe and to challenge what we are told.

The greatest humans have all had to step out of line and dare to be different, they have realised that they are already worthy, already good enough and have chosen to ignore the haters, ignore the critics and pursue what they really believe in.

The next generation of workers

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The next generation of workers will be totally different to what we currently think workers are and what work is.

Work is no longer a physical space for many and work certainly is no longer a physical activity for most. Work is more based on ideas, more based on collaboration, on sharing than ever.

The workforce of the future will be increasingly self-employed, will be increasingly part of the connected generation and will be more interested in whether or not what they do on a daily basis is fulfilling or not.

Work is an activity, that for more and more people involves self-promotion and involves creating and sharing content, that hopefully inspires others to engage with us. It is the inspirational quality of the content that we produce and share, that will define the level and quality of engagement.

We will all more and more likely move from one gig to another in collaboration with others. In order for that to work, it will need to be based more and more on shared values and it will based more and more on our individual why and less and less on what we do/have done.

So the workforce will be made up of an army of mainly generation Y, connected, tech savvy, living in the digital world, who will be skilled in promoting themselves to others in order to create meaningful, rewarding collaborations with other like-minded individuals.

Then all that remains is where to do that collaborations. It won’t be done in sterile, non-collaborative traditional office spaces, it won’t happen in people’s living rooms/spare bedrooms or coffee shops.

It will happen in communities and in coworking spaces that cater for this ever-growing new workforce.

This is the future of work – sharing knowledge, working with others, truly understanding the power of helping, giving and working with others to fill the gaps in our skills.

It is the most exciting change in the history of the human race, as the opportunity to collaborate to solve the world’s challenges will be truly revolutionary. We have only scratched the surface in terms of what the human race is capable of, as we have yet to truly harness the power of global collaboration.