Where’s the rush?


We are taught to hurry, to get things done quickly, grow our businesses fast, before someone else comes along and does it first.

There is a great deal of pressure associated with this philosophy and it is all driven by the feeling of following the accepted ‘wisdom’.

It is all part of a culture of instant gratification and not being prepared to wait for anything.

We set up a business and immediately want to fast track it to success by borrowing money and buying instant success.

If it doesn’t work instantly, then ‘pivot’ also known as giving up.

But where is the fun in that? Where is the sense of satisfaction?

Life is a wonderful journey and if we are to craft our very best creations, then that takes time.

Taking time and enjoying it, is much more rewarding and it doesn’t matter if others are perceived to have done ‘it’ first, as you are not looking to create any kind of ‘it’. You are looking to create your own unique work, that will be simply that, unique. That takes time, practice and patience.

Enjoy what you do, don’t rush it for others. Go and create what resonates with you, take your time, enjoy the challenges and digest the learning. Then feel the happiness and joy of sharing something that you know is the best you could have done.



Something that is so important to possess more than ever.

Once we lose our desire to be curious, we lose our chance to be different, and a life of compliance, servitude and of the mundane, awaits us.

Being curious is vital in the art of being alive, of discovery, of questioning the status quo, of find new ways of solving problems and of striking up meaningful engagement, beyond how the weather is or what is for dinner.

Our very best work can only be created if we are prepared to be curious.

In a world that is becoming more and more standardised, automated and where the ‘regular’ jobs are likely to disappear, the curious will be highly sort after.