Round and round we go

Often in life, without being aware of it, our journeys go in circles, following the exact same path back to the same starting point every day.

We tread the same well-worn road.

Then we wonder why we do not reach our destinations.

It’s not the destination that is the challenge it is the routes we take.

If you do not find what you are looking for try another path.

It’s a choice we can all make.

99 more times

For something to change, for a habit to from, for someone to notice what we are doing or saying, you’ve done it once, now you might have to do it another 99 times for the magic to happen.

Change is repetition, commitment, perseverance and patience.

Doing it once is not enough, doing every day for months or even years brings about a powerful compound effect.

No perceivable change occurs in the early stages and that is where we most often give in, we wanted the quick fix instant result kind of change, but lasting change takes longer.

But once you build momentum the change is often surprisingly much better than expected and easier then to maintain.

What change will you do at least 99 more times?