Doubt is a normal thing that we all face in life.

But doubt is not always something to be afraid of. We live in a world where increasingly we have become conditioned to certainty, safety, no risk.

So that has made us even more fearful of having any doubt about things. Self-doubt serves no long-term purpose, as all decision we make are the best that we can make at that moment in time.

But doubting things we are told is good, or doubting a process, or doubting a system, it leads to being curious, to challenging, to be inventive and to using our imaginations. It can lead to things being better.

Don’t listen to the critics or the doubt of others, don’t doubt yourself, make up your own conclusions based on your intuition.

But to never doubt anything is a dangerous place.

Keep going

Some days you feel that all the effort and hard work is not paying off, a couple things don’t go your way, you seem to hit all the red lights, the train is delayed and so on.

It happens like this in life sometimes, however, we are programmed to think that this is all part of some catastrophe and it only reaffirms the ‘truths’ we tell ourselves. An almost ‘see I told you, I knew you’d fail’ and other such pessimistic responses in our heads occur or even from those around us. We are conditioned to think that worst will happen from an early age in life.

The truth is, the world isn’t against us, people aren’t against us, and some days, shit happens. But 99.999999% of the time it is shit that we can deal with, that passes and often it teaches us to improve, remodel and get further ahead on our journey.

However, if we spent more of our time recognising the great things that happen every day, then we’d notice the ‘hiccups’ a lot less.

The truth is, stick with the plan, keep going. Rovio, you might not have heard of them if they’d quit, were a struggling gaming app developer in Finland. 5 years in they thought this isn’t going well, but someone started to sketch some Angry Birds, and 2 years later more than a billion people had downloaded the app.

There’s always the instant gratification route of the modern business culture, that says ‘fail fast’, ‘pivot’ and move on. Society often does not encourage patience as dissatisfaction feeds consumption and that makes money.

But the truth is, often the best things in life or business, happen to ones who persevere, who keep going, no matter what comes up. Show some patience, bad days pass and are rarely as bad as they seem.

Always stay true to what you believe.