What is true?


The world we live in is now a constant flow of news, conspiracies, counter-conspiracies, fake news, false flags, created news, deceit and subterfuge.

Is there anything that we can say is true anymore?

The thing is we can not say for certain that anything is 100% correct or true, we never have been able to.

It is all opinion, it is subjective.

The thing that matters is having faith in what you believe in, your values, and being open to other opinions and not closed.

The wisest person is the one who listens without evaluating and without judgement.

Truth is in the mind of the beholder.

If you want easy


If you want an easy ride, then don’t expect too much out of life.

Anything of any value in life relies on commitment.

You have to show up.

We’ll have plenty of time to ease up at the end of our journeys.

So apply for that job, sing that song, fall in love, start that new business, travel to that place, spend time on what matters, and most of all enjoy the ride.

Easy things turn to hard as regret wears us down.

Conversely, hard things, the things we really want to do stopped by fear and an attraction to easy things to avoid showing up, become easier and easier to do once you start.

Deep down no one wants easy, we all want something worthwhile.