From tiny acorns giant Oak trees grow – So what is #iCollDay really about?

Why did I and a small group, initially made up of Bernie Mitchell & Neil Brook start this?

Pure and simply we wanted to help grow a revolution that is just beginning now globally, morphing out of the co-working communities.

More and more people want to do things differently from the old school world that many of us have all grown up with and have largely become disconnected with and in some cases scarred by.

We want to create a world where people share, collaborate, help & give to each other without the need to see a $ £ or Euro sign over the heads of the people we help.

We want to create a world in business, and life in general, that values people over things, the complete polar opposite to the current world that is dominated by old school system of consumption and where the top 1% control us and have all the power & money.

So #iCollday or International Collaboration Day 2 was all about encouraging people to see co-working spaces as a way of creating communities, as space to collaborate, help, share ideas and give to others. Places where the sharing economy and collaborative projects could flourish.

It is these small steps that lead to giant changes, every movement or revolution has to start somewhere and this revolution has started. There is no stopping the momentum now.

It’s an exciting time globally – it will be the biggest change since the industrial revolution.

The power of social media, in itself a collaborative tool, has made it possible for people who share the same values to connect, share ideas and spread the word.

The world so desperately needs to change and the stuff I have seen from today’s events proves that there are already enough people to spread the word & make this happen.

So keep your eye out for #iCollDay 3 and get involved with co-working communities, the sharing economy and change to a collaborative world.

From tiny acorns giant oak trees grow and the acorn of collaboration has already grown in to a sapling.

Thanks go to everyone who made today possible by hosting events, spreading the word and getting out there to make it happen.

Collaboration rocks!!


Fire by Philip Dodson

Yesterday I was at a OuiShare London workshop in Hackney and the day was all about collaboration skills, organised by Neil Brook and facilitated by Judy Rees.

The first question of the day by Judy was ‘when you are working at your best, what are you like?’. Once we’d decided that, we then had to draw it on sticker and wear it. After that we had to answer questions from our partner about why we had chosen it.

I chose fire and drew it on my sticker and started answering the questions from my partner.

I explained what I meant by ‘fire’ and after they realised I wasn’t a destructive pyromaniac, then the other person listened and started to figure out what I was trying to say.

So this is what I mean by being like ‘fire’ when I am working at my best.

Typically during my life, I have lit lots of small ‘fires’ and because I have lit so many of them, most of them go out before I can get them to take and build into nice roaring fires.

I have learnt gradually, that it is better to light one fire, spend time tending to that ‘fire’ step-by-step everyday, small focussed steps, then slowly but surely the ‘fire takes’ and starts to build. Then if I keep at it, the ‘fire’ grows day upon day and over time I have a bigger ‘fire’, then a bigger ‘fire’ and eventually I have got a ‘raging inferno’, a ‘forest fire’.

From this my passion, motivation, my flow grows daily and then I am literally buzzing and on ‘fire’, where nothing can stop me and I tear through my action list and then I am ready to start the next small ‘fire’ and so the process goes again.

So for me it’s discipline, small steps and focus on one thing at a time that makes me happiest and most productive. If I follow these steps, then momentum builds and the compound effect over time kicks in.

The workshop was a great example of why working with others is so important. As the number of self-employed continues to rise, getting involved with organisations like OuiShare and getting involved with co-working communities, is vital.

Collaborate or die.