If only I had more time…

The world is a funny place, you struggle every day and end up sometimes just doing the same things, day in, day out.

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You get a feeling that your are just living/working and for what? The same old, same old. That’s when you’ve got to spice things up, that’s when it’s time to say ‘stop’.

Life is a short thing, that involves a one off period on this earth and then that’s it forever. Forever is a very looooooong time, like never ending and you ain’t coming back for another go.

So when you find yourself stuck in a rut, working to live, living to work, going around that same old circle of daily/weekly routine, then just stop what you are doing and go do something completely new.

You need a certain amount of routine in your life to keep everything going along, as there is inevitably, a degree of mundaneness to life. However beyond that, then it is up to the choices that we make, that determine how interesting/exciting our lives will be.

You need sometimes to turn your life upside down, throw a bucket of water over your head, jump in a cold shower, run round the garden naked and break the chains off.

We put these millstones around our necks in life, we put them there, no one else and we choose to keep them there and drag them around every day.

So take those millstones off, look at your life and work out what would make you happy. Stop the feeling of being stuck in a rut by trying something new. Even walking a different way to work will make a difference, as it’s often the small changes that make a big difference over time.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV, which apparently the average time spent is 4 hours a day throughout our lives, do something new and exciting. 4 hours!! wow imagine if you chose to just watch only 2 hours a day, then that would give you back 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month, 672 hours a year and 52,416 hours over a lifetime. That is 2,184 days or 5.9 years that you would get back for you to do a whole heap of amazing things.

What would you do in your life if you had an extra 6 years? We’ll cut your TV time in half and you’ll have the time to find out.

Many of us, me included, say ‘if only I had more time’.

10pm and here I am

For the first time since starting this 750 words I nearly forgot to do it, so here I am at 10pm on Friday, sitting to write.

This will not be a pretty one to be honest, I was just having a late Friday shot up on GTA5 and while waiting my turn, I was quickly flicking through Facebook. I had my usual daily fix of Disney Florida courtesy of Brad Burton’s Instagram, then some mad cat posts (Dee, Nikki or Nick), a couple of mentions of shit/sausages from Neil Sayer and then I saw my mate Bernie Mitchell in his usual 5.15 daily pic. Then bingo!!!

The light bulb went on – shit haven’t done my 750 words today, as it was Bernie who introduced me to it.

So thanks Bernie, otherwise my charge to become a Phoenix (100 days in a row) would have been re-set to zero. Phew.

OK so that’s 148 words used up, now what?

Cat pictures, funny photo galleries of people doing stupid things, maybe a quiz to see which fish you are like, if only I was having to update my Facebook status instead of writing.

187 words done………uh oh could this be the first time that I am going to draw a blank and get writes block.

Nah, I am a pro now, I can type pages of shit and at a rapid rate now. Although, I have learnt that my spelling is so bad that I struggle to get a sentence down without any words being underlined in red.

However, spelling really doesn’t matter so much anymore, as people realise that we type stuff on the go, on screens the size of a small thing, that’s not very big for typing, well smart phones. It is difficult to type properly too with the tiny keyboards.

So just hit 300 words.

I am really going to struggle now to be honest with 450 more words. Shit, that does seem a lot when I already feel that I have been typing away for ages.

This evening I watched Kill Bill 2 with my son, while Mrs D and Emma watched films that had Abba as a soundtrack, steer clear of those sort of films is my recommendation. I just checked to see what they are watching, it is a programme on Abba – LOL.

I always had a soft spot for the blonde one when I was a kid.

Well, that’s used up another 100 words.

This week has been a real winner in many ways, one of my big goals that I set myself for the end of the year is looking well on the way to being job done, which is a great feeling, especially as it is the result of many, many months of hard work. But I know that if you keep going on these things, good things will eventually come.

Another project, that I started just over a year ago, is now entering a new phase now and about to move forward big time. I have got a really important meeting lined up for it and that again has come about by consistently getting out there and building my network.

People often look at others who achieve things and they conclude, as they haven’t seen or appreciated all the hard work that goes on, that they were lucky or just happened to be in the right place.

Well that can happen sometimes, but rarely, it’s more likely to be because you make the effort to turn up regularly that things happen.

OK 170 words to go…….do I know any jokes? film quotes? poems? Blank.

Anyway back to my great week, Abba Dancing Queen is playing the background, it has been just one of those few days where things have fallen into place and you get on a roll, as your confidence and buzz goes sky high.

The thing is, when you keep doing the daily things over time you get momentum and then that’s when you just have to focus on not easing off. This is something I have been guilty off in the past, things go well, get some results, then ease up, put my feet up and enjoy the success.

However, this is when complacency can set in and then, without you realising it, over a period of time as you do less and less of the daily things that brought you that success, things all of sudden dry up. Then building up the momentum is hard – stop 750 words.